Welcome to The Soul Food Company

Welcome to the Taste Health Kitchen, Dublin – home of the Soul Food Company and part of the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health.

Our passion for serving the very best of food to our clients - fresh, local, sustainably grown produce, organic when available – has earned us our reputation as one of Dublin’s premier Boutique catering companies. The priority to innovate ensures we stay on the cusp of the latest food trends, whilst enriching the depth and quality of our more traditional dishes and menus.

We are proud of our efforts to source the best ingredients to create outstanding dishes. We like our clients to be know how much care goes into creating their chosen menu.

Pricing of menus is available on request only, due to personalized needs. Please be aware that our costs reflect the top quality of ingredients used.

Cooking Classes with Maggie Lynch at The Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health 'Taste Health Kitchen'

Our Taste Health Kitchen forms part of the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health (www.iinh.net). This is Ireland’s first cookery school with wellness topping the menu!

Food, nutrition and wellness are big Issues for the growing numbers of people searching for practical help to improve their own and their family’s health. We share our passion, nutritional knowledge, food and recipes with you through our Taste Health cooking classes.

Our mission is to empower and inform people to enhance and safeguard their health by making smarter choices around food. Our classes and courses are designed to help individuals rediscover and enjoy vibrant health.

The ingredients we use and dishes we prepare are often created to suit people with intolerances and other dietary needs. But of course they have to be enjoyable by everyone else in the family, too!

Let us inspire you in the art of good eating. Join us to share the enjoyment of delicious healthy food and a healing, nourishing, inspiring experience.

We invite you to browse our website and discover our Taste Health cooking classes. Or, if you are looking for top quality catering, check out our range of innovative menus.