Feeding the 5k in Dublin!

Feeding the 5k in Dublin!

Feeding the 5k in Dublin!

The “Feeding the 5000” event is coming to Dublin this November! An incredible inspiring event which aims to highlight the incredible amount of food that goes to waste in not only this country, but across the world that could be quite easily put to good use!

Back in 2009 the first “Feeding the 5000” event took place in London and it was a massive success.

Organisers behind the event called upon businesses and the general public to make donations of food that they would otherwise be throwing out and together they fed 5000 people with delicious meals, mightily proportioned. The event was successfully held again in November 2011 in London and subsequently rolled out in Bristol in May of this year. Most recently it was held in Paris in mid October.

Food that goes to waste goes far beyond what we ourselves throw in the rubbish bin at the end of the week. Monumental amounts of food is discarded by grocery stores and even before it reaches our shop shelves, food which is deemed to be less then pretty, perhaps due to it being misshapen or not being of a certain size, is cast aside.

Consumer perception and expectation is partially to blame but it is the media which creates the idealistic images of food in the first place. I largely choose to buy organic food, that is preferably locally grown, and more often than not it is those quirky looking vegetables and fruits that many people might pass up due to them not being quite picture perfect that actually end up being the most delicious, flavourful ingredients to work with! As the old saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”…

I’m delighted to be getting involved in the Irish “Feeding the 5k” event which is taking place at the end of the month on Saturday the 24th.

The event has been organised by Tristram Stuart (author of Food Waste, Uncovering the Global Food Scandal); after it’s previous success in both London and Bristol, it is now being rolled out across Europe as part of a four year project to tackle food waste.

In Ireland alone we generate over 1 million tonnes of food waste every year! Just imagine the people that could be fed, the money that could be better spent and the natural resources that could be saved! The fact which I found most astonishing was that all the world’s nearly one billion hungry people could be lifted out of malnourishment on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe.

To get involved in the Dublin event you can sign the pledge to reduce food waste, help spread the word about the event online or otherwise, donate food or funds or volunteer to help out on the day. Find out more and contact the team via the website.

Schools are also being encouraged to get involved as well as individual students. They’re running a unique competition as well as seeking out blog posts to be submitted by students describing the food wastage that occurs in their households.

The event takes place in Wolfe Tone Park at the end of Mary Street, near the Jervis Centre from 12 noon. Everyone is encouraged to come along, get involved and do your bit to help spread the word and reduce food waste.

I’ll be there on the day getting involved by providing cookery demonstrations showing you just how easy it is to make use of food that you might otherwise toss!

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