Get your skates on for a Taste of Health

Get your skates on for a Taste of Health

The New Year is well and truly upon us! Some of us have begun diets, some of us have already given up on them and for some we haven’t even begun to make the changes we intended to embrace at the start of the New Year.

For many people it’s finding the time, having the skills, and knowing what truly is healthy when it comes to cooking and food that leaves us with a big wide open gap between our good intentions and ability to achieve our goals.

It’s incredibly easy to fall in to the quick fix approach in an effort to radically improve our health, lose a few pounds, or whatever your objective might be. Even those that achieve success eventually get stuck in a bit of a rut, live takes over and thinking of new exciting healthy nutritious and delicious meals to cook up of an evening is the furthest thing from our mind.

Our Taste of Health Class which will be the first of many is taking place on Saturday 26th of January. One full day course, jam packed with food demonstrations, recipes, tips, tricks and the underpinning knowledge to feed your curiosity and leave you brimming with the knowledge you need to make truly healthy to meet your dietary and lifestyle needs will be covered over the course of the day.

Held in Shankill in a home environment, the one day course lends itself to optimum interaction, allowing you to put forth whatever questions you might have, ensuring you get the most from the day.

There are some places still available so call 087 2930159 or email and reserve your place o to make an enquiry about upcoming classes. To explore those which have been scheduled to date click here!


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