Kale Nutrition & Healing Benefits

Kale Nutrition & Healing Benefits

Kale Nutrition & Healing Benefits

Kale – Nutrition & Healing Benefits

Sourcing & Storing Kale and all tender green leaves

A member of the brassica family, this vibrant green leaf is full of goodness. Rich in calcium, iron, protein, fibre, vit C and a host of other nutrients this leafy plant brings a lot to the table. Varieties of kale include black kale (Cavalo nero) flat leaf (Russian Kale) and curly leaf (curly kale is more tender than black and Russian kale).

Kale is harvested most of the year, from June to Feb. It is best eaten as soon as possible. If not using right away store in a brown paper bag or between kitchen paper in the fridge for 4-5 days.

Try to buy from your local farmers market or grow your own. Look for: Cavalo nero: firm dark green leaves with sharp white stalks. Russian kale: Deep gray-green leaves with purple veins. Look for firm fresh leaves. Russian kale is the sweetest of all the kales. Curly kale: small firm vibrant green leaves, curly edges.

To cook:

Really freshly picked leaves can be torn up and used in salads. Otherwise gently steam or flash boil (3-7 minutes in boiling salted water depending on the kale’s freshness).

Kale is fantastic as a side vegetable, in stir frys, as a soup, or in salads etc.


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