Kitchen cuts and confidence

Kitchen cuts and confidence

Kitchen cuts and confidence


By Richard Burton, Founder & Director IINH, May 23rd, 2013 (see below to get FREE e-book ‘Taste Health’)

Raymond Blanc and Maggie Lynch


Lots of ‘cuts’ in the IINH-Soulfood kitchen these days.  Don’t worry – nothing to do with knife injuries or recessions! As the teaching year draws to a close, Maggie is working hard with a professional film production team as they video the online version of the cooking module for our IINH Nutrition Coaching distance learners.


As I write this, in my office above the kitchen, I can hear Maggie talking to camera as she prepares a tofu and sea veg stir-fry with brown rice. My job in a few minutes time is to ‘enter kitchen, stage left’ and add nutrition snippets and tips to the mix.

I’m amazed how relaxed and fluent Maggie has become in the few short weeks since the first filming session. Back in January she was invited for a cooking demo at the enormous Organic and Natural Products Show, in Olympia, London. Despite years of experience demonstrating at home and at Irish health shows, the thought of presenting to crowds in the vast space of Olympia was pretty scary, specially as her spot was just before a famous chef – Raymond Blanc, no less!

Needless to say, Maggie went down a storm on the day. I went round the crowd handing out recipes and little samples of her dishes. People munched away, asked lots of questions and seemed to enjoy Maggie’s Fermanagh accent.

At the end of her spot, Raymond Blanc appeared – and then it all went pear-shaped: Maggie, still clutching microphone, greeted him with ’It’s wonderful to meet you, Marco’ (Pierre–White)!  Cue gales of laughter from the crowd. Maggie was mortified, but the Great Man took it all in his stride. He just smiled and said ‘Well, as long as you don’t call me Gordon’!

Maggie had also prepared a pack of her favourite recipes in time for the London show. Everyone is welcome to download her first free eBook – ‘Taste Health’

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