Cookery class: Easy meals for busy mums / dads Sat 25 Jan

Cookery class: Easy meals for busy mums / dads Sat 25 Jan

Cookery class: Easy meals for busy mums / dads Sat 25 Jan

Easy Meals for busy Mums / Dads – Cooking Class Sat 25th Jan 

Time: 10.30 to 16.00

Venue: Soul Food Company Kitchen, 58 Cois Culainn, Loughlinstown,  Dublin

Cost : €110

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M: 087 2930159


Ease the stress and hassle of everyday meals. Learn to create healthy dishes for the whole family to enjoy – yes, even the kids!  Are you a Mum/Dad on the ‘run’? Not enough hours in the day, but really want to cook great food for yourself and family? Join Maggie for this practical, educational, fun-filled day. Lots of tasty recipes, tips and ideas, with a glass of vino served at the end. 

This is a cookery demonstration with a difference –  a Nutritional Therapist is on hand to give guidance and answer your questions

You also receive lots of handouts to take home to put your recipes and tips into practice at home.  

What you get from the day:

  1. Child-friendly meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner (6 months old & above)
  2. Lunch Box Ideas – suitable for all ages
  3. Nutritious Snacks
  4. Time-saving Tips and Tricks
  5. ‘Better Brands’ supermarket shopping list – includes weaning foods
  6. What’s in it? Understanding Food Labels
  7. Nutrition Basics for Meal Planning
  8. Lots of Recipes and Handouts
  9. Feeding Children for Healthy Futures
  10. Kids and their food: problems, solutions, attitudes, strategies
  11. What matters in kids’ nutrition – and what’s not worth sweating over
  12. Recommended reads – books, websites etc…
  13. Handout with 16-20 recipes
  14. Alternatives to salt, sugar etc used for seasoning
  15. Lots of tips on how to adapt recipes, freeze, make different dishes from one recipe, etc.

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