Vegetarian Evening Cooking Class Mar 11th

Vegetarian Evening Cooking Class Mar 11th

Vegetarian Evening Cooking Class Mar 11th

What: Nutritious & Delicious Vegetarian Evening Cooking Class

When: Tuesday 11th March from 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Where: Soul Food Kitchen, Loughlinstown

Cost & Book online: €60, Book now here

Discover the benefits of eating less meat! With many people now choosing to cut down or eliminate meat, and seek out healthier, more sustainable alternatives, tasty vegetarian cuisine is becoming ever more popular.

Knowing what to buy, how to cook it, and understanding how to create a healthy yet satisfying vegetarian meal can be daunting. This 2 hour evening class will provide you with a firm basis to explore the vast array of ingredients that vegetarian cuisine has to offer.


  1. Quick and simple family- and budget-friendly meals
  2. Explore a range of whole grains, legumes and vegetables for variety and balance
  3. Tasty, satisfying vegetarian dishes that even dedicated meat eaters can’t resist!
  4. Discover the health benefits of eating more plant foods
  5. Learn how to prepare nutritionally balanced vegetarian meals
  6. Explore flavours, spices and herbs from around the world
  7. Taste Health! – tips for every day living

You are likely to save both time and money – as well as boosting your health – by incorporating more vegetarian foods and meals in your diet.

If you are in need of a little veggie inspiration, or stuck in a rut, or with a vegetarian child or partner to cook for – then this is the course for you!

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