Gluten Free Cooking Class Sat 5th April

Gluten Free Cooking Class Sat 5th April

Gluten Free Cooking Class Sat 5th April


Sat 5th April from 10.30 am to 4pm

Location: Soul Food Kitchen, Loughlinstown

Cost: €120

Booking: Classes can be booked by phone 01 2814039 or online at:


Are you, a family member or friend struggling with GF, wheat-free (WF) or more than one intolerance? For practical, healthy and tasty recipes, backed by solid advice, guidance and inspiration, this class is for you.


10-12 GF/WF recipe pack, with each dish demonstrated before you. Includes wholemeal-based yeast & soda breads, scones, pancakes, granola, quiche, tempura batter for fish or vegetables, quinoa, tasty hummus, a yummy cake, and more.

Guidelines, tips and tricks for GF/WF baking, including sourcing, label reading, flour combining, storing, preventing cross-contamination, etc.
Understanding the GF flours, grains and binders available. Why smart combining of flours is key to optimising taste and texture.
Healthier GF whole grains: how to get the best from them in terms of taste, variety and nutrition.
Sweeteners: safer alternatives to nutrient-depleted sugar
Healthy options for those sensitive to milk products or other foods.
Nutritional therapist on hand to answer your specific questions and address health problems from poorly managed intolerances.
Tips for adopting more healthful and satisfying eating habits.
Gluten free Ireland: recommendations, links, blogs etc

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