What’s happening next:

What’s happening next:

What’s happening next:

Dear Foodie friends

A belated happy 2015 from the South Pacific: the beautiful country of New Zealand. I’m now into the last few days of a six-week trip, which has included Malaysia and Sydney and some amazing foodie moments. And of course I am now in the home of sauvignon blanc…so when in Rome…

Lots of exciting things ahead for the coming year. As the new Director of Cooking at the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health I will be spending even more time creating new and exciting recipes…of every description. This is where I am a happy girl, so if you have any ideas or requests please let me know.

What’s happening next: We have our first super ‘Taste Health’ class of 2015 on the 7th Feb, 10.30am-4pm, Cost: €120. Still some places available, so if you are interested in putting that healthy eating plan into action come and enjoy lots of amazing dishes, full of great flavour and tastes and lots of new recipes.  Check out www.thesoulfoodco.ie/project/taste-health/

Another cooking development for 2015 is our new Private Group Days. This is where people can choose a purpose or theme around cooking, nutrition and health (such as paleo, gluten-free; living healthily with cancer, food intolerances, diabetes, etc), and then gather other interested family members or friends to join them for a class.

Our Wellness at Work programme is proving a great success. Smart corporates are reaping the benefits of actively supporting wellness among employees. As a cornerstone health and life quality, wholesome eating promotes work satisfaction and productivity, and reduces days lost to sickness. We look forward to continuing delivering company training events on-site and also in our new ‘Taste Health!’ kitchen during 2015.

On that note ‘Kia Ora! (Maori) Good Health!

Looking forward to another amazing year,

Loving life, Loving cooking,


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