About our classes

Taste Health!

Taste Health! is Ireland’s first cookery school with wellness topping the menu. Our themed programme offers a wealth of inspiration, ideas and expert knowledge around good food, cooking and nutrition for those with health in mind.

Cooking and eating wholesome food is often the missing key to wellness and vitality. Our Taste Health! classes and courses are designed to help you rediscover and enjoy vibrant health. The foods and dishes we prepare are designed to suit people with particular dietary requirements, but can be truly enjoyed be anyone.

Our goal is to activate and enhance your own cooking skills and to rekindle the sheer enjoyment of eating delicious, healthy food. Our specialized classes begin with a short talk on nutritional issues around the day’s theme. Participants also receive a comprehensive pack of recipes, food & health information shopping advice & tips etc.

If you have a passion for cooking fresh, delicious food and are interested in learning to prepare health supporting meals  – or even if you just want to polish up your kitchen skills – our Taste Health cooking classes could be perfect for you -It truly is a Healing, Nourishing Inspiring and Delicious experience.