Testimonials for The Soul Food Company

What a great day! Thank you both so much! Flight delayed so I should have stayed for more yummy chats & wine!!  I really enjoyed the course from the bottom of my belly!! It was so relaxing and yet so jam packed of information thrown in at ease so you didn’t feel like you were being lectured or over whelmed.”

When Maggie chose her business name she chose it right because this is a woman that cooks from the soul and eats from the soul!

When you hear the ever passionate Maggie speak about “food that awaken’s something deep inside you” as she points to her belly, one mouthful of her delicious gluten free and super food you will come to understand what she really means!

Maggie is calm & relaxed as she binds,folds,beats and “throws” together organic and alternative ingredients to produce amazing soft and spognie gluten free breads ( 2 words not freely associated with gluten free products) And many more dishes! I learnt about a lot about alternatives to things such as sugar, butter and oil.

With the help of the “nutri-pedia” Richard you will learn so much more about food then what it tastes like! He is on hand to answer any question you have and simply put the guy makes sense! Together they are a perfect match like butter on toast or gin and tonic! The combination makes this not your regular cookery course but a far more information and knowledgeable course which in a world filled with processed and cheat foods we all need to know about!

Thank you both for opening a new chapter in my larder!  Really thank you so much !

Gill 🙂 Galway, Nov 2012

Hi Maggie  “Really enjoyed your Gluten free cooking today (as always) and have come home with a happy tummy and excited by the inspiration and armed with recipes to get cooking. Thanks Maggie!! :-)”

 L- Deliciously Simple Gluten & Wheat Free Cooking

“Maggie, thanks so, so much for providing an amazing array of Gluten Free recipes and meal ideas through your Gluten and Wheat Free cooking course.  We recently eliminated gluten from my five year old son’s diet & the challenge that this can pose was made so much easier having attended your course.  He loves all the scones, pancakes, breads, meals and cakes that I can now bake quite easily.  It has meant that the transition off gluten was made without a complaint from the sometimes insatiable little fella.  It was a really enjoyable day topped off by tasting all the delicious food demonstrated.  The tips on the variety of flours, grains & products that can be used in gluten free cooking was invaluable and probably unique to your course.  Not only is my son glowing with health again but the whole family is feeling better eating nutritious wheat/gluten free food.

 Lisa Sheerin – Deliciously Simple Gluten & Wheat Free Cooking

“Hi Maggie,

I would like to say a special thanks for thinking of me for the course. I learn so much more from seeing someone cook than reading from a book. And you were brilliant in your presentation and explanations as was Richard. I really did learn loads which I love. I have already invested in the new products and have been applying your tips to my cooking. I honestly wish I could do one of these courses every week!”

 Ashling Aylward  – Deliciously Simple Gluten & Wheat Free Cooking

“Maggie, I just want to pass on the appreciation I just got from my five year old ‘thank you very much for a lovely dinner’. I cooked your Chicken, ginger and cashew nuts for dinner tonight and added in broccoli and rice noodles for the kids. They loved it (chilli and all) and so did we…mmm taste sensations x”

Lisa Sheerin Dec 2012   A Taste of Thailand

“Fantastic evenings Vegetarian class last night thank you Maggie, very educational and fun.”

Brid – Nutritious and Delicious Vegetarian Cooking

“Hi Maggie

I can’t say enough good things about the food on Saturday night, it was superb!! All our guests were raving about it (and asking for your details) and we thoroughly enjoyed it ourselves.  It was the perfect mix of modern and interesting but comforting, I was really delighted.

Also, Louise and Cindy did a great job on the night for us. Louise in particular was top-notch and took charge of everything so I didn’t need to worry a bit.

Looking forward to the next event when we can avail of your services. If you would like a recommendation/testimonial etc at any stage I would be delighted to oblige.  Best wishes & thanks again,”

Ita O’Sullivan, Dec 2012

“Hi Maggie!

A huge thanks for the fabulous food and gang you brought to look after us on Tuesday.  The event was an incredible success.  Soul Food added so much to the event.  THANK YOU!”

 Natasha, Work-day, Feb 2013

“Hi Maggie,

We want to say a big thank you to you and the staff for your help in making Saturday night a really enjoyable occasion for us and, I believe, for all our guests. The food was exciting and delicious, and so beautifully presented, but more importantly, the lovely manner and yet professional way in which all of you dealt with everyone here just made the night. My husband and I enjoyed every minute – right until the last one went to bed at about 4 45! So many people asked about you and for your contacts.

With many thanks to you all,”

Jennifer and Desmond, Feb 2013