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Gluten Free Pumpkin and Apple Brown Scones

No tricks just a lovely halloween treat; Gluten free / Wheat free / Dairy free / Natural sweeteners   Ingredients                                                                         […]

Kale Nutrition & Healing Benefits

Kale Nutrition & Healing Benefits

Kale – Nutrition & Healing Benefits Sourcing & Storing Kale and all tender green leaves A member of the brassica family, this vibrant green leaf is full of goodness. Rich in calcium, iron, protein, fibre, vit C and a host of other nutrients this leafy plant brings a lot to the table. Varieties of kale […]

Getting in touch with your veggie side

Whether you’re a vegetarian yourself, have a friend or family member you wish to cook for or perhaps you simply want to incorporate some more vegetarian based meals in to your weekly repertoire, the upcoming vegetarian cooking and nutrition class will be right up your street! A hell of a lot people look upon the […]