A Taste of Thailand

A Taste of Thailand

Class Description:

Thai cuisine embraces some of the world’s most vibrant and interesting dishes, with their delicate balance of flavours and fresh, wholesome ingredients. This two hour class will take you on an exotic culinary journey where you’ll learn to prepare a selection of wonderful authentic Thai dishes. This class gets rave reviews from everyone!

Being still inspired and in love with this amazing cuisine, I want to share with you some old favourites of mine, supplemented by wonderful new recipes from a recent visit to Koh Samui in Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles!

What you get from the evening:

  • Discover how to make your own home made Thai curry paste and a beautiful seafood curry
  • Learn how vibrant Thai salads are prepared
  • Learn how to prepare Thai scented chicken koftas
  • Discover the secret to making the most delectable Thai fish Cakes!
  • Learn our to make a beautiful fresh Sweet Chilli Dip to go with our Beautiful Kofta and Fishcakes

More on Maggie’s specialist work at IINH:

Maggie has a rare talent for creating practical recipes and tasty dishes for adults and children with special dietary requirements. She offers bespoke one-to-one training and private group sessions for people with diabetes, cancer, coeliac disease, intolerances, inflammatory bowel diseases, among others. Recipes and menu plans can be created to satisfy an individual’s unique blend of dietary requirements, preferences and circumstances.

Price: 70.00